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Valuable US Coins & Foreign Currency

Earn maximum profit for your coin collection with Common Cents Coins of Annapolis, Maryland. From single US coins to vast estates, our team offers top-dollar for your domestic and foreign currency. 
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Free Evaluations

When you have coins to sell, our professionals are happy to evaluate them for you free of charge. We conduct a detailed half-hour consultation to determine the value of your coins.

No-Pressure Sales

Whether you wish to sell your collection or not is entirely up to you — we never pressure customers into making a decision. However, if you decide to proceed with the sale, our associates pay in either cash or check right on the spot.

Exonumia Tokens

Exonumia are numismatic items other than coins and paper money, such as tokens, wooden nickels, and even souvenir medallions. As this is a special service, please contact us regarding the purchase and sale of exonumia. 

Contact us to earn a nice chunk of extra income by selling your US coins and foreign currency.